Flip-chip Mounter

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Flip-chip mounter is able to remove the chips from the blue film and rotate the chips upside down ,then move the chips to corresponding substrates

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Flip-chip Mounter

The reclaimer arm will transport the dies to the wafer expanding device, and substrates reclaimer will transport the substrates to the conveyor belt which would send the substrate to the working area at the same time. The conveyor belt will transport two substrates at once under the correction of machine vision. On the other side, the ejector pin will jack up the DIE and the Flip-action arm will draw the DIE and rotate it 180 degrees to let mounter arm take away the DIE and move it to scaling powder station. After dipping flux, mounter arm will put DIE on the substrate precisely under the correction of machine vision. When two substrate were full loaded ,those will be transported to the receiver same as the wafer.


Chip packaging (flip chip process)


  • Untouched vison correction system, automatically adjustment.
  • Non-stop material replacement.
  • Two-sided mounter arms, efficient enhanced.
  • Double track structure was adopted in XY moving system.
  • Real time monitoring by clear interface.
  • High-precision, high stability mechanical structures and transmission components.
  • Device parameters

    Item Parameter
    name Flip-chip mounter
    model DFC-1202A
    production capacity(UPH) 6000(Related to process parameter requirements)
    equipment accuracy(μm) ±5μm
    Cohesive force 1N-40N
    wafer size 12inches maximum
    locating method fixed +moving phtographing
    material stack 100(8mm as standard)
    suction type NXT compatible electricity
    automatically suction exchange support
    work power 4.5KW
    power three-phase AC380
    air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
    equipment size 3200x1310x1708mm(L*W*H)
    equipment weight ≈ 2600KG

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